Not all security companies are created equal.

It’s important to understand who you’re dealing with and recognize that the actual depth of security experience and security service they provide can be very different.

At Pro-Tech Int’l, every business security system and home security system that is designed and installed, has been meticulously created with a deep understanding of your security need. All Pro Tech security systems have been carefully planned to seamlessly and safely maintain your lifestyle.

Pro-Tech Int’l wants you to feel totally confident in the security services it provides.

Here are the 5 critical reasons to choose Pro-Tech Int’l for all your security needs:

ExperienceExperience. Pro-Tech Int’l has an enormous amount of experience and expertise in successfully executing complex security projects from start to finish. An innovative security systems developer, PTI will analyze your home security or business security needs, design the proper alarm systems, implement and complete your security project on time and on budget, and of course, provide all necessary follow up support afterward.

Customer SatisfactionCustomer Satisfaction. If Pro-Tech Int’l is to be judged by the company it keeps, then it is indeed a force to be dealt with. PTI’s client list is enviable and the company is happy to provide you with a list of non-security sensitive companies it works with. You’ll find it to be a company praised for its customer service and technical competency, and whose positive response, when asked for emergency or non-emergency help, are legendary within the security industry.

ValueValue. Pro-Tech Int’l provides excellent value for your security system budget. Pro-Tech’s security systems development methodology has been designed to perform so efficiently that it results in total security project costs that are much lower than with less experienced developers, who often lose control of costs during development.

CommunicationCommunication. Listening and expressing thoughts clearly is paramount to the creation of any synergistic business relationship. The experts at Pro-Tech Int’l appreciate the importance and necessity of listening to your comments, opinions and concerns before beginning any kind of conceptual work. A PTI security project manager will always begin a project by explaining exactly how their proposed security solution is going to work, and how it is going to help you resolve your security concerns.

AvailabilityAvailability. Working with clients to achieve positive results requires constant communication and timely progress reports. The security professionals at Pro-Tech Int’l realize this and schedule their projects to begin and end on specific target dates that include projected milestone moments. As a client you will have easy access to your assigned security specialist at every stage of the process so you can express any concerns or desires as they arise.