Pro-Tech International Security Services that Protect the Assets of Property & Personnel – Design, Drawings, and Installation

State-of-the-art access control that integrates the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking capabilities. Full-featured security solutions that serve any size facility.

A Service agreement will ensure that our service technicians will perform preventative maintenance, repair issues with your existing system, and service your account as a priority call. Service Agreement customers receive service within 24 hours during normal business hours, emergency service can be provided as needed.

Every customer project has unique inherent needs, requirements, and budgetary constraints; whether it is new construction, existing, or a retrofit system. Based on the initial consultation and information received from you and your team, a customized proposal and CAD drawing will be provided by our on-staff draftsperson.

All of our technicians are FASA and BASA certified. They are trained on new equipment and new technology, preparing them to provide you with the best quality installation available in the industry.

We specialize in many types of intrusion and fire alarm monitoring. We promise to deliver professional service with industry-leading response times. Our monitoring capability includes: Security Alarm Monitoring, Fire Alarm Monitoring, Video Monitoring and Verification.

A Risk Analysis Assessment is designed to help a client accurately determine the best mix of products and systems to optimally enhance the client’s physical security situation. We analyze 6 security threats and provide the most effective solutions to any existing concerns.

Hosted CCTV Services allows accessing camera recordings anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. Hosted Access Control systems allow you to secure your location and grant access to users remotely.

Home Automation allows you to control your entire home with the touch of a button. Use your mobile device to unlock you door, turn on your air conditioning, open the blinds and more.

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Pro-Tech International Security Systems partners with state-of-the-art technology network of vendors to design the highest levels of interoperability and data integrity systems.